Kunihiko YAZAWA - 谷澤 邦彦
僕のいろいろ - Variegations II

September 10, 2018 - February 22, 2019

"Why do we paint?" and "What is art?" Kunihiko Yazawa has continued to explore these questions through his painting and many artistic endeavors,
and this investigative spirit has sustained the core of his practice that now spans a quarter century.

The Variegations Exhibition is an opportunity to enjoy the spectrum of Yazawa's works from 1993 to present that now exceed 1,700 works. While the sheer breadth and variety make it hard to believe they're all by the same artist, Yazawa's unique artistic vision and stunning use of color are visible in all the works.

This exhibition features a few representative pieces from his various bodies of work to curate a deep and diverse world for you to experience.
We've also prepared a way to access more of Yazawa's past works through the pieces on exhibit as a starting point.


今回の「僕のいろいろ – Variegations 」展は、その四半世紀で生まれた多彩な作品を一度に楽しむ展覧会です。